New EBay Spear Phishing Scam

One of the strengths of eBay is the openness with which people can do business. It's easy for people to set up their own business around eBay. It's essentially an open market and people pay their booth rental fee and that's it. The strength is also a weakness. The openness can lead to fraud problems and phishing scams seem to top them all. Now there's a new one.

Apparently the phishermen are sending out forged auction inquiries via email. Naturally, the email has a "Respond Now" link in it. And naturally people click on the links, plug in the asked for info and get hijacked. The spear phishing is a little trickier to deal with though. It's much more focus and goes after specific individuals or groups. They're designed to lull victims into security and then get speared.
Surprise New eBay Spear Phishing Scam

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 4th January 2006 11:26PM