Tomorrows Sobering Nazi zombie outbreak likely to fizzle

A few weeks ago, various security researchers and antivirus (AV) companies, including iDEFENSE and F-Secure, cracked the encryption protecting Sober's malicious payload. From the decrypted code these researchers discovered that on January 5, a date corresponding with the 87th anniversary of the founding of the Nazi party, Sober will contact various URLs to download new (and probably malicious) instructions. They also extrapolated a list of specific URLs that those Sober-infected machines will contact. Based on these new facts, the AV vendors warned of a possible Sober outbreak on January 5......My best guess: this Sober outbreak will fizzle out. But to be wise, you ought to prepare for the worst case scenario. WatchGuard Wire

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 4th January 2006 11:33PM