Privacy Concerns Mount Over Traffic Control Plan

A plan by Seoul City to install electronic devices in passenger cars to pinpoint their locations has touched off a heated debate over the protection of individual privacy.

Privacy-rights advocates are pressing for safeguards on the use of the new tracking technology, claiming that the collected private information will be difficult to protect, putting the municipal government on the defensive.

“Individual privacy should not be sacrificed in the name of efficiency.

However, it seems that city authorities would rather not let those concerns get in the way,” said Kim Deok-hyun of Citizens’ Action Network.

Earlier this month, Seoul city officials announced it will require car-owners from December to attach electronic tags to the license plates or other parts of their vehicles, should they intend to participate in the city’s “No Driving Day” traffic campaign for tax benefits.

The devices will allow the vehicles to be tracked by monitoring systems. The Korea Times : Privacy Concerns Mount Over Traffic Control Plan

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