Google to sell video, take on Apple; announces Google Pack

Tomorrow Google will announce a new commercial video download service, according to multiple sources. The service, which will be an addition to Google's Video Search, will allow users to buy video content for pre-determined prices, and the company is expected to announce partnerships with the likes of CBS and the NBA.

To date, CBS has been slow to get into bed with any particular video sales partner, but plenty of eyes are watching them: currently CBS is the undisputed leader in major network primetime television, owning seven of the top ten spots nearly every week.

As we reported in November, CBS chairman Leslie Moonves said that the network was shopping their content around to the likes of Google, Yahoo, DirecTV, and others, looking for the best way to monetize their content. Last week CBS announced a brief promotional trial with Yahoo for two shows.

Plenty of questions remain. Will Google be streaming shows, or offering them for download? Currently Google only supports streaming. Will Google stick with a Flash-based video delivery system? Will this mark the unveiling of the mysterious Google Wallet? Google to sell video, take on Apple; announces Google Pack

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 5th January 2006 9:06PM