Windows expert to fix the WMF exploit for Win 98 and Me

A well known Windows expert has promised to do what Microsoft won't: Protect Microsoft's Windows 98 and Millennium customers from WMF exploits. Gibson Research chief, Steve Gibson, says:

Microsoft is not fixing Windows 98/ME... so GRC will. Microsoft has now "reclassified" the WMF vulnerability in Windows 95, 98, and ME as non-critical (instead of just fixing it!). This means that it will probably NOT be updated and patched to eliminate the WMF handling vulnerability that those older versions of Windows apparently still have. (This vulnerability still needs to be confirmed.) So, if Microsoft does not produce an update to repair those older versions of Windows, GRC will make one available.
The WMF Exploit Fix Is On Its Way For Windows 98 and ME

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 6th January 2006 8:25PM