Over $24 billion Dollars at Risk of Theft from Spyware in US Alone

After cleaning up an infected system and doing due diligence on the people involved, I was able to track the exploit down to a group of Mexican porn site operators who apparently also take the credit cards people give them to buy porn and sell them to others. Porn site operators aren't the most ethical bunch, but it serves as a helpful reminder. You need to trust the merchant of whatever product you buy to not, in turn, sell your credit card or other information. This is true regardless of it being an online merchant or some guy in a shop on the corner. But the point is that it got me thinking about how many accounts out there that have been stolen by spyware and how much money is impacted. I did a quick study which came up with $24 billion of US consumer money that could be levereged by someone who is not the consumer. SANS - Internet Storm Center - Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System - Current Infosec News and Analysis

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 30th September 2005 11:14PM