SpywareStrike, a SpyAxe clone, may cause a new epidemic

It is a bad news to all the Internet users. SpyAxe, one of the most infamous corrupt anti-spyware programs ever, just got a brand new clone – SpywareStrike. This new application does not only look and work in the same manner as SpyAxe, but also is very similarly distributed. SpywareStrike, the same named trojan, which seems to have a lot of in common with the SpyAxe parasite, is silently installed to user computers through numerous malicious web sites, harmful pop-ups and other advertisements. Although this trojan began to spread today, on January 6, 2006, we have the information that thousands of computers around the globe have being already infected. It seems that SpywareStrike may cause a new epidemic, which infection rate would match SpyAxe’s.

SpywareStrike infection symptoms are almost the same as SpyAxe’s. Once installed, the parasite displays the system tray icon, which mimics a similar legitimate icon related to the Windows Security Center. Spyware news

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 6th January 2006 11:58PM