Lessons From China

China, in the eyes of countless Americans, is still a bucolic place of peasants and rice paddies and looming mountains. But those who know better will tell you that China is fast becoming the world’s factory, with more and more of its production geared to high-tech goods for a world that’s hungry for information.

The numbers back Fiallo up. Recently the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group that counts 30 market democracies in its roster, announced that China overtook the United States in 2004 to become the world’s largest exporter of communications and IT equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones. China sent $180 billion worth of such goods overseas that year, while the United States, home of HP, Microsoft, and IBM, churned out no more than $149 billion in comparison. But IT in China and America differ by more than just numbers. Processor Editorial Article - Lessons From China

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