GNU, A Virtual Communist Manifesto

....we want to publish an article written by a young Indian about the negative sides of the open source movement. It's a different point of view from the common one, if we publish it doesn't mean we automatically agree with it but being so "alternative" definetly deserves to be reported.

GNU – A Virtual Communist Manifesto Chapter 1 : From Cradle To The Grave

In the beginning there was man. Man created machines. And greatest of them was the computer. To interact with these powerful things he created software – to control and dominate them. Then something happened. No, machines didn’t take over and we were not trapped inside Matrix.

Many people saw this development as a perfect business opportunity. They organized themselves into various groups or commercial organizations and started coming up with brilliant ideas on how to better interact with these machines – how to create better software. These groups patented the ideas they developed which were subsequently sold in market for profit.

The software so developed came to be known as proprietary software. The rights for development, debugging, improvement and distribution were reserved with the developers. So the development company would hire the best brains it could get and develop or maintain its software. The improvements carried out were released as different versions that were named/numbered accordingly. Mergers and acquisitions were also common and in some cases were part of expansion and improvement policy.

If you are a capitalist (like me) all this will seem very normal and productive to you. * News

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