Interview with Steve Ballmer Microsoft claims to have made great strides in security, yet your critics still hound you over this subject. What is Microsoft doing about security? Is this a battle you will never be able to win?

Steve Ballmer: Our commitment to making software more secure is not something that will ever diminish – we have made this job number one for Microsoft. That said, I feel extremely good about the progress we are making and the impact that is having in the marketplace. The combination of improvements in the technology, the industry-wide education and awareness have led to fewer severe outbreaks and a greater level of readiness amongst IT and home-based environments. I will never say we’re done, or that there won’t be any more “bad guys” who figure out new ways of perpetrating malicious acts. But as important a priority as it has become for our company, our industry and our customers, I think we're at least well on the way to making significant improvements on the security front. Interview with Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Microsoft Corporation

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