Antispyware apps vie for top spot

Things are moving so quickly in the world of spyware that the major computer magazines should really retest all antispyware applications every three months or so. Fortunately, three new reviews have come out just in the past week to give us fresh results.

Nothing should surprise me any more, but this did: The three reviewers each picked a different antispyware app to receive the magazine's top score.

InfoWorld Magazine lauded an integrated package from F-Secure, while ranking the well-known Sunbelt CounterSpy Enterprise only fourth out of 10 contenders. Network Computing, by contrast, found CounterSpy the best, rating the F-Secure product only fifth out of seven products. Meanwhile, PC Magazine gave the most points to, of all things, Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta.

Does this mean all three reviewers are wrong? Or are all three right? Antispyware apps vie for top spot

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 1st October 2005 12:07AM