SploitCast, a new podcast for hackers, geeks, and the security paranoid

Welcome to SploitCast, the podcast for hackers, geeks, and the security paranoid. We are a group of students and IT professionals that have decided to start a downloadable talk show. SploitCast will discuss a wide variety of topics; these include, but are not limited to, new vulnerabilities, exploit code, security and technology news, and possibly even cute little bunny rabbits (but don't hold your breath). The SploitCast crew will also be conducting interviews and round table discussions with other members of the security industry.

We hope that you enjoy what you hear, and look forward to your feedback. This will be a community driven talk show. Please contact us and let us know what you like and dislike. We want to make this show as enjoyable as possible, and we cannot do that without the interaction and support of those who listen to our show. Many goodies will be coming to this website soon; so on those lonely nights, or dull days at work, come back to our site and feel the warmth of those who are as paranoid about your security as you are. SploitCast.com via digg

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