Novell downplays server hack

An internal Novell Inc. investigation of an apparent hack involving one of its computers revealed that the incident was less serious than was described by the security consultant who reported it to the company, a spokesman said today.

The company also asserted that several of the claims made by the researcher were inaccurate.

Chris Brandon, president of Brandon Internet Security in Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday had said that a server apparently set up for gaming purposes by some workers at Novell had been hacked and was being used to scan for vulnerable ports on millions of computers worldwide (see "Novell server hacked, used to scan for vulnerable computers").

According to Brandon, who said he told Novell about the problem on Tuesday, the scans began on Sept. 21 and were targeted at TCP Port 22 -- the default port for Secure Shell (SSH) services. SSH programs are used to log into other computers over a network or to execute remote commands and securely move files between machines. Novell downplays server hack - Computerworld

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