SpywareStrike and SpyAxe Smitfraud infection removal

SpywareStrike and it's twin SpyAxe continue to plague internet users. SpywareStrike has been confirmed to be another variant of the infection called Smitfraud. I wrote about SpyAxe previously and it got top (dis)honor as rogue anti-spyware of 2005. The free tool called SmitRem, written by community developer noahdfear, has been updated to remove SpywareStrike. Other rogue applications including AntivirusGold, PSGuard Spyware Remover, SpySheriff, Spy Trooper, SpyAxe, Security Toolbar and WinHound are removed by Smitrem as well. ZDNet.com

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 10th January 2006 4:09AM