Scam fighting Web sites

Is it a good deal or a scam? Are you e-mailing a legitimate company or a criminal? If you buy that "free" cell phone, will you ever get that rebate?

Your hand hovers over the mouse, and just as you are about to make that final click, a queasy feeling hits the pit of your stomach. You're just not sure. Lesson No. 1 in a being a smart consumer: Donít ignore that queasy feeling. Listen to it, and ask some more questions. Lesson No. 2: Get the answers from someone other than the person trying to get your money.

Thatís where the Internet can be a big help. Thereís a collection of Web sites devoted to tilting the scales in favor of consumers. By giving a very public stage for complaints, these sites root out everything from legitimate companies with sloppy practices to outright con artists. I wouldn't do business with any new company without vetting the company first through one or all of these sites. Scam-fighting Web sites - The Red Tape Chronicles -

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