Bogus Volkswagen lottery scam offers million pound prize

The messages claim that recipients have been chosen for a 1,000,000 prize and a brand new VW car. The emails say that the user has been randomly chosen from over 250,000 email addresses around the world. It then urges recipients not to tell anyone else of their win, but to quickly contact a prize transfer agent for further instructions. A phone number and email address is given for people to contact if they believe the bogus message that they have actually won the enormous windfall.

Sophos researchers believe that the emails are a variant of the commonly-encountered "Letter from Nigeria" scams, also known as 419 Advanced Fee Fraud, that fool innocent users into believing that a large amount of money will be transferred into their bank account, but are really designed to steal information about the user's bank account or demand a "handling fee" for the money transfer. Bogus Volkswagen lottery scam offers million pound prize and a brand new car

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 11th January 2006 3:08AM