An instant spam penalty

Qwest could charge $5 for every spam message sent by their customers computer - even if
they are not aware of it. This is the newest clause added to Qwest ISP contract. The penalty will be charged if spam e-mail results in damages being awarded against Qwest itself. This is regardless of whether the owner of the PC was aware that their PC was sending spam.

-You will pay Qwest’s actual damages in any way arising from, or related to, any spam transmitted by, or in any way connected to, you, to the extent that such damages can be calculated, the document states. -If actual damages cannot be calculated reasonably, you agree to pay Qwest liquidated damages of five US dollars ($5.00) for each piece of spam transmitted from or otherwise connected with your account.' An instant spam penalty - Xatrix Security

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 11th January 2006 3:25AM