Why Microsoft is trying to debunk legacy Linux

Stories about Microsoft's latest study are beginning to crop up here and there. This time, Redmond is trying to convince us that Linux isn't really any better on older hardware.

According to the eWeek story, Microsoft conducted the highly complex study of "putting a CD-ROM in and installing" Linux and installing it on "legacy" systems. It's interesting to note that even Microsoft concedes that Linux runs on older hardware -- if you check the graph on the eWeek story, you'll note that Slackware and Knoppix are listed as OK for the "average" PC from 1997, whereas Windows XP requires a PC from about 1999, and Windows Server 2003 requires an average PC from 2001. NewsForge | Why Microsoft is trying to debunk legacy Linux

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 11th January 2006 3:45AM