Linux is Not Windows

If, as I do, you spend any amount of time on a Linux forum, you'll eventually grow exasperated, as I did, by the number of posts that run something like this:

"Hi! I've been using Linux for a few days, and it's mostly great. But, it's a shame that [something or other] doesn't work like it does on Windows. Why don't all the developers completely rewrite all the software so it acts more like Windows? I'm sure Linux would get lots more users if they did!"

You may even have had a go at answering these questions, only to be shot down in flames by a Linux newbie who takes it as read that his idea, based on years of experience with a different OS plus a few hours on Linux, is revolutionarily brilliant, and you only don't like it because you're an "old-school Linux user" who thinks that GUIs are the spawn of the Devil and everybody should be forced to stick to the CLI.

This article is aimed at explaining to those newbies exactly why their ideas tend to get flamed rather than embraced. Linux is Not Windows via

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 11th January 2006 8:40PM