Step By Step Hacking Video

Everyone talks about the ability to hack computers via wireless technology, but have you ever actually SEEN someone do it? Well you're about to. The Step-By-Step Hacking Video will show exactly how a laptop without the proper security protection can be attacked and exploited. In a manner of mere minutes, we can own an unprotected or out-of-date system. The video actually shows the exact procedures that a hacker could utilize to gain access to a mobile system and eventually a corporate network. Steps and technologies to prevent such an attack are presented throughout the video and are the focus of this article. NOTE: While it may seem that the first few minutes of the video are unexciting – just wait – you are being setup!

This article is broken up into two sections. The first section quantifies the different threats to which mobile computer systems are susceptible. The second portion defines the fundamental methodological steps that hackers take in trying to exploit computer systems directly and details how each step could be thwarted. These fundamental steps are also used in the video.

Today’s mobile workforce poses significant security challenges to corporations. With workers accessing corporate resources from public wi-fi hotspots, hotels, home wi-fi and broadband networks, etc., the need for a comprehensive mobile workforce security solution is becoming a necessity. This is an extraordinary challenge considering the additional complexity of the mobile workforce being a moving target and with security budgets and personnel constantly being downsized.

To implement an ideal mobile workforce solution, it is important to understand the actual threats. The Ethical Hacker Network - Step-By-Step Hacking Video Via digg

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