A new Symbian trojan that locks the phone MMC card

SymbOS/Cardblock.A is a Symbian trojan that is the first known trojan to attack phones MMC card. SymbOS/Cardtrap.A used phones MMC card in trying to get users PC infected with Win32 malware, but Cardblock.A is the first one that actually attacks the MMC card itself.

SymbOS/Cardblock.A is a trojanized version of Symbian application InstantSis created by Biscompute.

When installed Cardblock.A appears be a cracked version of InstallSis providing user with ability to repack already installed SIS files and copy them to another device.

However when user tries to use Cardblock.A to copy an application, a payload triggers that blocks the MMC memory card of the phone and deletes critical system and mail directories. F-Secure : News from the Lab

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 1st October 2005 12:43AM