Intel Macs will run Windows... eventually

We've been itching to get our hands on an Intel iMac here at Ars, in no small part due to our curiosity about how well it will run Windows. Apple VP Phil Schiller has even given us his blessing, saying that our desire to run Windows on a Mac is "fine with us. We don't mind." There's one small problem: no 32-bit x86 version of Windows currently shipping will run natively on Macintoshes with the Intel Core Duo CPUs.

It's simple: the Intel Macs don't use a BIOS. Instead, they use Intel's newer Extensible Firmware Interface, which is not supported under Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows. Vista will include support for EFI when it ships later this year, so unless someone comes out with a hack that gets XP up and running on the iMac and MacBook Pro, you'll have to wait until later this year to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X natively on the same machine. Intel Macs will run Windows... eventually

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 12th January 2006 9:32PM