Anton Chuvakin: Security Predictions for 2006

Here is my own shot at information security predictions for 2006. I decided to stay on the safe side and minimize embarassment next year, so I am keeping the more controversial stuff to myself...

Note the numbers in brackets; these are (probability of happening, ease of making the prediction). The scale is from 1 to 5, which 5 marking the highest probability and the highest ease of prediction.

1. Viruses, worms, bots and spyware will remain the main concern; malware commercialization will continue and thus propel more money-making technologies such as spyware (5,5)

2. Data/IP theft and especially ID theft will continue and increase in both severity and occurrence (5,5)

3. At least one major 0-day compromise story will surface, maybe with Oracle software (5,4) Anton Chuvakin Personal Blog: OK, here is a shot at my security predictions for 2006

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