IE 7 New feature: "Delete Browsing History"

There is a new feature in IE7 called ‘Delete Browsing History’ that gives users an easy way to control the data stored by the browser.

Now back in IE6, you would have to spend a lot of time looking through various places on your computer to get rid of all the relevant information and possibly still miss some critical information. Now with the ‘Delete Browsing History’ feature, we are giving every person the ability to clear all their browsing information from one location with a click of a button and, the peace of mind that the job was done right.

What does this feature really do?
It deletes the following items which are split into five categories, listed below:

Temporary Internet Files: Downloaded files cached on the client for quick access

Temporary Internet Files cached for quick access
Cached files containing Offline favorites
Information stored by other applications in the Temporary Internet Files folder (e.g. attachment files stored by Outlook)

Cookies: Information persisted by the client on behalf of the server
XML Userdata cache

History: website addresses (URLs) stored to enable History/most recently used website addresses
Typed website addresses used for Addressbar Autocomplete
The list of most recently used website addresses in the Run… dialog
URL History entries (excluding ones marked as Offline Favorites)
Stored value for Encoding (Code Page)

Form Data: User-entered personal data stored by the client
AutoComplete form data

Passwords: User-entered personal data stored by the client
AutoComplete password data
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