Is Google headed for $2000? Or $100?

It's been seven years since Henry Blodget became a household name. On Dec. 16, 1998, when he was a relatively unknown stock analyst at Oppenheimer & Co., he put a price target of $400 on

We all know what happened next: Blodget became the embodiment of the Internet bubble his fortunes rising into the stratosphere for 15 months before crashing with all the stocks he recommended. The government accused him of fraud for touting stocks he privately trashed to colleagues. He paid a fine, and, without admitting or denying guilt, agreed to a lifetime ban from the securities industry.

It's all worth remembering for two reasons. First, that kind of mania has taken hold of another stock -- Google. Plugged in: Is Google headed for $2000? Or $100? - Jan. 13, 2006

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