2006 Predictions: Robert Cringely

It is time for my list of predictions for high-tech in the year ahead. Two thousand and six will look completely different whether you are a home or business computer user. Home users will find this an exciting time, with new products and services galore, while business users -- especially BIG business users -- will have to suffer with the breakdown of traditional suppliers and with inevitable consolidation problems as their list of suppliers shrinks and product lines are merged.

But first I have to be honest and take a look at how my predictions turned out from a year ago. I've been doing this for many years now, and typically score 70 to 80 percent correct. Last year, I hit only 73 percent, but would have been over 80 percent had Intel decided to come around and support AMD's 64-bit instructions just a week earlier. Alas, readers have been looking back lately and say my average may be down -- perhaps WAY down -- for 2005. PBS | I, Cringely . January 12, 2006 - Win Some, Lose Some

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