Windows backdoor theory causes kerfuffle

Postings are flying fast and thick in the security community over a researcher's suggestion that Microsoft hid sneaky code in Windows.

The recent security problem regarding the rendering of Windows Meta File images was so bizarre that it has to be an intentional backdoor in the operating system, Steve Gibson said in a podcast posted Thursday.

He said he can find no other explanation for the existence of the WMF rendering problem, and no reason for the ability in Windows to use such image files to execute computer code.

"This was not a mistake. This is not buggy code. This was put into Windows by someone," Gibson said on the Security Now podcast. "I believe that some very clever and industrious hacker figured this out, started using it and Microsoft was caught off guard and thought: Whoops, we've got to close this backdoor down." 'Windows backdoor' theory causes kerfuffle | | CNET

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 14th January 2006 1:53AM