Windows Start Up Security Guide

Do you have a problem with hundreds of things starting up everytime you reboot? Is it slowing your computer right down? Do you want to stop spyware or worms from continually starting up but don't know how? This article is for you.

The ability for software to automatically start when a computer reboots can be vital for the operation of important programs. The problem is that too many non vital and malicious programs also take advantage of this feature. Many software developers are ignorant and think that consumers want their software to start when windows starts. This can get problematic when you literally have dozens of programs starting up on reboot.

A lot of malware1 also takes advantage of this feature, allowing things like backdoor trojans, worms, and spyware to always restart whenever windows reboots. This can become very problematic -- especially to inexperienced users or users who have never encountered this before. A user may delete a malicious file (with their antivirus software) and then be surprised at its re-appearance the next time the computer boots up. Security Reference Guide

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