Spyware Alert: WinFixer Almost Tricked Us

While doing maintenance on a spyware-infested system that we use for testing, I noticed the popup window shown here. The spyware installed on this particular system spews an unending stream of unwanted popup windows, perhaps one every minute, and a goodly portion of them are fake security products. But this one stood out because it looked so very perfect, and because one of our discussion forum members reported difficulty removing the WinFixer program in December.

I emailed the screenshot to PC Magazine's software team to show how polished the fake security adware is getting. As it turned out, another PC Magazine editor spent Christmas Eve with WinFixer. His mother-in-law saw almost the same warning on her brand-new computer and assumed it was a legitimate security alert. After all, it had the Windows XP Security Center name and logo! Intrigued, I pointed my browser at winfixer.com and immediately got a warning from Spyware Doctor that I was headed for a dangerous site. Spyware Alert from PC Magazine: WinFixer Almost Tricked Us

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 15th January 2006 2:01AM