Malicious File Detection Strategies

There are a number of antispyware programs on the market, but no product can reliably eliminate all spyware threats. In the same vein, there are a number of antivirus products on the market, but none can reliably eliminate all virus threats. Until there’s a greater emphasis from antispyware and antivirus product manufacturers to work together on combined programs, enterprises are left using a combination of tools and techniques.

The proof? Security firm iDefense conducted basic spyware detection tests in May 2005 with two freeware/shareware antispyware programs against 13 commercial antivirus programs. The tested antispyware applications detected all or nearly all of the spyware samples, while the antivirus programs detected between 0% and 61% of the spyware samples, according to iDefense’s Ken Dunham. Processor Editorial Article - Malicious File Detection Strategies

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