Chandler, an open source personal information manager

Chandler, an open-source personal information manager (PIM), has reached its first public release milestone, version 0.6, and is now available for download.

Chandler is the brainchild of Andy Hertzfeld, the first programmer hired by Steve Jobs to work in the Macintosh System Group. Hertzfeld was responsible for writing much of the user interface and system code for what would become Mac System 1.0 in 1984, and although he left Apple shortly afterwards, he went on to write the code for the Switcher, the Mac's first task-switching utility, on contract.

After his Apple experience, he co-founded three companies: Radius, which made monitors and peripherals for the Mac market; General Magic, which made handheld digital assistants; and Eazel, which wrote open-source software and developed the Nautilus file manager that is still used in the GNOME desktop environment today. Chandler, an open-source personal information manager, hits its first public release

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 16th January 2006 8:39PM