Skype 2.0 looks like a virus

I've been a huge fan of Skype in recent years because of their user friendliness and seamless encryption, but I was shocked to find that Skype 2.0 triggered a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) warning on my new computer running Windows XP SP2. DEP is a new security mechanism in Windows XP SP2 that makes use of the new NX and XD (No Execute and Execute Disable) technology built in to modern AMD and Intel microprocessors to prevent common security exploits from launching. While most people are not aware of the new NX/XD protection mechanism that Windows and other modern operating systems affords, it could easily save them from the next zero-day cyber attack before any other protection method is available. Skype 2.0 looks like a virus | George Ou |

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 16th January 2006 9:27PM