Privacy: Viagra Tag Could Be Bitter Pill

Those little tracking tags that infuriate watchdog groups are taking hold in yet another place of business -- your local pharmacy.

Last week, Pfizer announced that it will combat counterfeiters by sticking radio-frequency ID tags on large bottles of Viagra. Pfizer follows on the heels of Purdue Pharma, which began tagging every 100-tablet bottle of the painkiller OxyContin in 2004.

RFID supporters downplay the prospect that you'll take home a tracking device with your heart medicine or birth-control pills. But no restrictions are in place to protect consumers from such situations, and Pfizer acknowledges in an FAQ that "it's possible but not very likely" that some RFID tags will leave pharmacies with Viagra users. Wired News: Viagra Tag Could Be Bitter Pill

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 18th January 2006 9:35AM