Google, Sun, and a New PC: Anatomy of a Rumor

For more than three months, the Internet has been abuzz with talk of new technologies that might emerge from a collaboration between search giant Google and networking and software provider Sun Microsystems.

The alliance, which appears to be part of an effort to outflank Microsoft in the area of software and services delivered via the Web, is quite real: the two companies announced it on October 4, 2005, saying they intended to "explore opportunities to promote and enhance Sun technologies," such as the Java virtual operating system and the productivity suite.

But so far, Google and Sun have taken only one small public step toward cross-promotion, by including the Google Toolbar as an option for customers downloading Java. Rumors that Google would release a "Google Office" software suite based on or come out with a Java-powered "Google PC" or a "Google Cube" for home-entertainment networking so far have turned out to be just that: rumors. The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Google, Sun, and a New PC: Anatomy of a Rumor - Technology Review

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