Anti-virus Software: The Next Big Worm Target?

Finnish anti-virus specialist F-Secure Corp. has pushed out patches for multiple code execution vulnerabilities in its security software suite, prompting a new round of warnings that flaws in security products present a lucrative target for malicious hackers.....Even more worrisome, the private researcher who discovered and reported the F-Secure vulnerabilities said several unnamed anti-virus vendors are also shipping products with the same security flaw.

"[F-Secure is] the first to actually publish a real advisory," said Thierry Zoller, a penetration tester based in Luxembourg. He said some companies fixed the bugs silently or put a small notice in a change log, and hinted strongly that there are many anti-virus engines still vulnerable. Anti-virus Software: The Next Big Worm Target?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 20th January 2006 11:30PM