Practical DDoS mitigation techniques (and an interesting paper)

If you are THE expert on Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, please skip the text and go directly to the link at the footer.

The advice below is only about bulk DDoS attacks where a mass of traffic is bombarded your way.

Important note:
First do what you donít have to pay for. Once you exhausted what you can do by yourself, check if further protection is necessary, a call to your ISP might suffice.

Should DDoS concern you?
I may write about this at a later date, but have you ever been under such an attack? If you donít know, that is your first problem. Are you big enough to worry about such attacks? If you are a moms&pops business, probably not. If most of your networking concerns are operated by your ISP - most likely not. If you have a large network, you most likely should consider creating a plan on how to handle a possible future attack. SecuriTeam Blogs Ľ Practical DDoS mitigation techniques (and an interesting paper)

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