A sleazy QuickTime trick

If you use QuickTime on Windows or a Mac and you havenít updated it since January 10, youíre at serious risk.....I tried the Update Software option from the QuickTime Player menu, but when it finished its quick download and installation I was only at version 6.5.2, and it told me I was completely up to date. So I headed over to Appleís QuickTime site....Well, thatís odd. If I own a Mac, I can just get the QuickTime installer, but because I use Windows I have to install iTunes? Doesnít seem right.

...This is a crappy way to do business, Apple. The security bulletin should reference the QuickTime installer, not just the iTunes setup file that happens to include the QuickTime Player. And if someone comes to your site looking for a critical security update, donít push extra software on them. Ed Bott's Windows Expertise Ľ A sleazy QuickTime trick

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 22nd January 2006 12:04AM