Holy_father Delivers Rootkits To The Masses

The futility of today's model for antivirus protection is fairly obvious. Plug one hole in the dike and another will sprout. Pretty soon, you're running out of fingers and toes to hold back the flood. It gets worse. Attackers without the skill to create their own malicious hacks can outsource their dirty business to others who will write the code for them and then offer services that keep these rootkits from being detected. It's the virtual version of Spy vs. Spy, with many black hats claiming that they're giving the technology world exactly what it needs -- tough love.

One of the most prominent rootkit suppliers is the Hacker Defender site, which I learned about during an interview with Herbert Thompson, Ph.D., chief security strategist for Security Innovation Inc., a Boston-based provider of application security services. Worse than simply selling rootkits to the masses, Hacker Defender also offers anti-detection services that will help ensure that its rootkits aren't detected by antivirus and other malware-prevention software. InformationWeek Weblog: Holy_father Delivers Rootkits To The Masses

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 22nd January 2006 1:58AM