Memoirs of a (sloppy) virus researcher

All right, it was my own fault. I only kept one copy of the master file, and I really shouldn’t have had the habit of using the same filename when I wrote it out to what I *thought* was a different disk.

Even then, my trusty word processor would have saved my butt, if I hadn’t immediately deleted the backup file it had created. (”Backups? We don’ need no steekeen’ backups!”) Now, mind you, I still had a perfectly good file. There it was, the
latest edition of the antivirus BBS list, one of Mr. Slade’s infamous lists, shiny and gleaming, and freshly scrubbed and edited, ready to be sent out to the nets. Perfectly good. *Too* good. SecuriTeam Blogs » Memoirs of a (sloppy) virus researcher

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