Harder to Detect Oracle Rootkit on the Way

A security expert working on a new version of an Oracle database rootkit says the programs are easy to create and could soon be as common as those that target operating systems like Windows.

Alexander Kornbrust, of Red Database Security GmbH, told eWEEK that he is developing Version 2.0 of a rootkit program he first unveiled in April 2005. The new version, which Kornbrust hopes to unveil at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas in July, will be harder to detect on Oracle systems using standard administrative tools. Kornbrust claims his rootkits are not hacking tools but are designed to underscore weaknesses in databases from Oracle, Microsoft and others that make it easy to hide malicious activity. Harder-to-Detect Oracle Rootkit on the Way

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 24th January 2006 8:43PM