Know Your Malware: Tarno.r Removal

Tarno.r is a trojan that monitors application windows and accessed web pages for predefined keywords. Once the parasite detects such a keyword, it starts recording all the keystrokes that the user enters into various window fields and web forms. Gathered data is saved to several files, which are regularly transferred to a predetermined remote web server.

Tarno.r arrives in bogus e-mail with malicious executable attachements. Once the user runs such an attachment, the trojan secretly downloads its main components from the Internet and installs itself to the system. Tarno.r is able to bypass the Windows Firewall.

The trojan works as an Internet Explorer add-on and therefore runs every time the user launches the web browser. Remove Tarno.r, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 24th January 2006 8:46PM