2006.exe/scr...like greeting cards wishing a very happy 2006...:)" />

SANS: Seasonal Malwares and other trends

Seasonal Malwares and other trends...Seasonal Malwares are not a new thing, remember Bin Landenīs emails "see the pictures of Bin Landen
being arrested"...:) but recently I started to see some really intresting ones...In the end of 2005, the most common malwares were named 2006.exe/scr...like greeting
cards wishing a very happy 2006...:)

Sometimes, if you check the md5 hash, you will notice that some that appears to be a new one, was in fact an old one, that was renamed to something more current...

Another example: A new version of reality show Big Brother was about to start in Brazil on January 2006, it was called BigBrotherBrazil 6. So, we started to see some emails telling that if you fill the 'form' you would get a chance to be part of the show: SANS - Internet Storm Center - Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 26th January 2006 4:30AM