OS X As A Pentesting OS

Apple’s OS X has been recieving a lot of flack lately, both in regard to security issues and as it’s worth as an OS. I used to be a long time Linux/BSD user, until one day I found an 12′ Apple Powerbook lying around. After playing around on it for a week or so, I really began to see the possibilities, which lead me to go and buy my own 15′ Powerbool and to see if this could replace my aging Dell laptop which was currently dual booting Debian and OpenBSD.

As OS X is built on a FreeBSD microkernel, it has all the BSD bits under the hood, so I wanted to see how far I could push this baby, and see if I could end up using a Mac for my daily pen-testing work, and have a rock solid secure operating system to work on at the same time? The answer is a huge yes! SecuriTeam Blogs » OS X As A Pentesting OS

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 26th January 2006 4:37AM