Bots Nearly Triple In 2005

The number of bots released in 2005 was almost triple that of the year before, Madrid-based Panda Software said Thursday, spotlighting the growing problem of PC hijacking.

Last year was the second running where the number of bots -- programs on infected computers that listen and respond to commands from their controller -- increased faster than any other category of malware, added Panda, which tracked a 175 percent jump over 2004.

"Botnets are one of the current business models of cybercrime," said Luis Corrons, director of Panda's research, in a statement. "The biggest problem lies in their secrecy: a large company could be serving the interests of a group of malware creators without realizing it." InformationWeek | Hijacked PCs | Bots Nearly Triple In 2005 | January 26, 2006

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