MS Security Advisory: Win32/[email protected]

Microsoft wants to make customers aware of the Mywife mass mailing malware variant named Win32/[email protected] The mass mailing malware tries to entice users through social engineering efforts into opening an attached file in an e-mail message. If the recipient opens the file, the malware sends itself to all the contacts that are contained in the systemís address book. The malware may also spread over writeable network shares on systems that have blank administrator passwords.

Customers who are using the most recent and updated antivirus software could be at a reduced risk of infection from the Win32/[email protected] malware. Customers should verify this with their antivirus vendor. Antivirus vendors have assigned different names to this malware but the Common Malware Enumeration (CME) group has assigned it ID CME-24. Microsoft Security Advisory (904420): Win32/[email protected]

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 1st February 2006 6:45AM