Malicious Malware: attacking the attackers

This article explores measures to attack those malicious attackers who seek to harm our legitimate systems. The proactive use of exploits and bot networks that fight other bot networks, along with social engineering and attacker techniques are all discussed in an ethical manner.

In this article, we focus on a similar concept. We will explore different ways to exploit the very attackers who are targeting our systems. We want to exploit the exploits, worms, viruses, humans or otherwise who take offensive actions against the IT systems under our control. Instead of using the classical IT security paradigm of "Protect, Detect, React", we take a step further now to illustrate steps to be proactive and exploit the attacker with our own offensive. If we just protect our network as best we can, detect any changes (such as with the help of an IDS/IPS or an anti-virus engine), and then react to those changes, the attacker will always be one step ahead of us. He can plan his steps well in advance of our reaction and thus, he always has the advantage of making the next move. Malicious Malware: attacking the attackers, part 1

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