Malicious Malware: attacking the attackers, part 2

This article explores measures to attack those malicious attackers who seek to harm our legitimate systems. The proactive use of exploits and bot networks that fight other bot networks, along with social engineering and attacker techniques are all discussed in an ethical manner.


In part one we discussed the first two of four main objectives one has in fighting back against malicious hackers. We started with information gathering - by deceiving a malicious attacker and subverting his attacks. Then we looked at preventing access to some resource on the attacker's system (Denial-of-Service) through the use of resource starvation and fake exploits that the malicious individual has not fully reviewed.

Now in part two we finish the discussion by looking at how to own a malicious attacker's precious resources, which he planned to use against us, and then use these resources as a stepping stone to fully achieve our goals. If the reader has not fully read part one of this article, he is encouraged to do so now. Malicious Malware: attacking the attackers, part 2

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