How the Kama Sutra worm got its name

Friday's file-destroying worm goes by the name Mywife at Microsoft Corp. and McAfee Inc., but is known as Blackmal at Symantec Corp. and CA Inc. and Kama Sutra in most media reports.

At F-Secure Corp., it is version E of Nyxem, while Sophos PLC says it is version D. Others variably refer to it as Kapser, KillAV, Grew or Blackworm. The official name? CME-24. The moniker may seem much ado about nothing, but security researchers worry that the variance could confuse consumers.

Customers of one vendor's product, for instance, may believe they are protected against Nyxem.D when in fact that vendor uses E. How the Kama Sutra worm got its name - Yahoo! News

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 4th February 2006 2:32AM