VMware to give away virtual machine

Virtual machines have gone from being a means of allowing Mac users to play Minesweeper to being a powerful enterprise tool for testing and deploying new production environments. It's also a money saver when it comes to the electricity bill. On the x86 side of the aisle, VMware has long been a favorite of geeks wanting to run multiple operating systems simultaneously, or without partitioning up their drives.

The VM scene changed when the 800-pound gorilla from Redmond, Washington bought Connectix, the company responsible for Virtual PC, in early 2003. As a result, VMware suddenly found itself in a dogfight for market share, not only from Microsoft, but from open-source favorite Xen. In an attempt to raise its profile in the ever-more-crowded virtual machine landscape, VMware is expected to announce next week that it will be releasing a free version of VMware GSX. VMware to give away virtual machine

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 5th February 2006 10:40AM