Straight talk on Mac security risks

Are Macs impervious to malicious software? No. Have Macs been the subject of catastrophic attacks? No again. Should Mac users be vigilant anyway? Of course.

Itís time for me to fess up: Iíve been as complacent as most Mac users when it comes to taking precautions to safeguard my data and the integrity of my system. Although my Windows PC is swaddled in antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall software, my Mac has been fairly undefended, up to now. I just havenít felt much urgency to put up barriers against threats that donít seem to exist.

But at Macworld Expo last month, I stopped by the booths of several security software vendors and began to wonder if they are pushing products people donít need, or if they know something I donít. After all, Mac users are just as vulnerable as anyone to the social engineering used by many computer exploits to install themselves. (While Mac fanatics will insist that theyíre more sophisticated than the Wintel rabble, there are plenty of innocents in Apple-land as well.) Macworld: News: Opinion: Straight talk on Mac security risks

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 7th February 2006 1:22AM